Master Plan

March 17, 2008

50th Anniversary Event — "Forging Our Future…"

It was a strong kick-off for the Masterplan and a great celebration! Nearly 300 "Mission Partners" met at West Valley College for Palm Sunday Worship that included a brunch as well as the initiation of the Masterplan of becoming Partners with Jesus to make a difference. If you missed it you missed a wonderful event (and contrary to suggestion, we will not have a "brunch" every Sunday as part of worship). We made the first dispersal of Endowment Funds: $2000.00 to Bethel Lutheran School for a special reading program; and $2000.00 to Mission Outreach to bring Pr. Godbless from Tanzania to Bethel sometime in the coming year. We were (and still are) excited to introduce Seven Initiatives that address the Masterplan of Partnering with Jesus to make a difference. They Include:

  • Bethel School Initiative
    As we bring on a new Principal, to continue to grow the school to capacity.
  • Green Initiative
    Continue to make our facility more energy efficient including roof repairs, siding replacement, new HVAC for the office area, and solar panels. Also, fund raiser for a new Church Van that is more energy efficient.
  • Mission Partner Initiative
    Continue to develop a stronger sense of what it means to Partner with Jesus in our Ministry and work.
  • Staffing Initiative
    Begin a process of realigning job descriptions and staff to better serve the Masterplan.
  • Stelling Property Initiative
    Continue to grow Asian focused ministries including the Good Shepherd Congregation out of the Stelling Site in cooperation with the Synod, ELCA, and Taiwan Lutheran Church.
  • Stewardship Initiative
    To grow and strengthen all aspects of being Stewards of God's gifts including financial support for this ministry.
  • Worship Initiative
    Begin a review (following Easter) of our over-all worship ministries seeking ways to strengthen our worship life. Any changes will begin in the fall of 2008 — watch for ways you can be a part of this important review!
Here is a printable version[PDF Document] of this page.

Here is a 2009 Update[PDF Document] to the Master Plan.