Bethel Lutheran Church Stock Donation Procedures

Bethel welcomes donations of stock. For all donations of stock, please contact Fara Brock, the Parish Administrator, at 408-252-8500 x101, or by email, and provide the following information:

  • Donor's name and address
  • Name and number of securities to be transferred
  • Specific Bethel programs to which the gift should be directed, if any.

There are two ways to donate stock, depending on how it is held.

The Stock is Held by Your Broker

You can initiate a broker-to-broker transaction by giving Bethel's account information to your broker:

Bank Name:
Wells Fargo Bank
DTC #:
Name of Account:
Bethel Lutheran Church of Cupertino, California
Account Number:
please contact Fara Brock, Parish Administrator

Please tell Bethel of any stock donations made through wire transfers. We are not notified automatically when stock is transferred into our account, and our statements will not indicate donors' names. We would like to acknowledge your donation and will be unable to do so unless you notify us.

You Hold the Share Certificate

If you have stock certificates, they can be hand-delivered to the church. Please sign the back of the certificate exactly as your name appears on the front, and leave the rest of the back blank. When you deliver the certificate to the church you will fill out a form which assigns the certificate to Bethel.