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2016 Theme Verse

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Our theme verse for 2016 comes from the gospel story about Jesus as told by a follower of Jesus named Matthew. It is specifically found in Matthew 6:33. Jesus reminds us to seek God’s righteousness (a relationship with God offered by Jesus) and strive to advance God’s Kingdom instead of worrying about life. You can find the sermon that relates to this verse at: Bethel will use this verse as a reference point throughout the year as we seek to sharpen our own ministries and purpose.

2016 Core Value Report

In August 2015, members, guests and friends of Bethel Lutheran Church were invited to gather at one of two gatherings to offer feedback regarding the Core Values and Personality Traits of the Bethel Lutheran Church body. Together with those gathered we engaged in a process of discerning the question, “Who are we, really?”

With this report as our roadmap, how will we make disciples, and help ourselves and others with spiritual growth and transformation? How will we help people to know and follow Jesus our Lord? What will we do to build and continue to strengthen the Kingdom of God? God has given us opportunity to accomplish even greater things in the years ahead. Let us take that opportunity to build up Bethel and our community!

Annual Report

Congregational Meeting

  • Read the minutes[PDF Document] of the February 2016 meeting.
  • Read the minutes[PDF Document] of the August 2016 meeting.

Financial Reports

Church Financial Activity

Last fiscal year (FY17), September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017:

General Fund Contributions: $667,000 3% above budget Envelopes, stock and loose offerings
Total Income: $815,000 8% above budget Includes Other Receipts
Total Expenses: $757,000 1% under budget Excludes Depreciation
Payments on Long Term Debt: $30,000 Balance sheet transfers Principal payments on mortgage, bus loan, and copier lease
Net Income—Cash Basis: $28,000 $58,000 above budget Excludes Depreciation

Benevolence & Outreach

September 2017

$13,135Lutheran Disaster Response (Special Designated + Hurricane appeal)
$4000ELCA World Hunger
$2000Mission to Mexico
$150Sierra Pacific Synod for Missionwide Support
$38Compassion International (Youth)

October 2017

$1000West Valley Community Services
$1000Hugs for Houston
$960Lutheran World Relief for shipping quilts and kits
$865Pacific Sierra Synod for churchwide mission support
$800Habitat for Humanity
$780Quilters Fund (Oct. Special Designated)
$527Gloria Dei for Lord’s Pantry
$160Meals for homeless shelter
$38Compassion International (Youth)

Other Documents

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