Lost & Found—Sermon Series

Lost and Found Sermon Series

Don’t miss this new sermon series that will help you understand and live out your faith in our world of diverse religious ideas and beliefs. Come and hear what the Bible has to say about “Lost & Found” people. You can catch up by listening to past sermons here.

9/11/2016 Bethel’s own Chris Christensen preaches on Jesus’ three rapid-fire stories of the lost sheep, lost coin and the lost son.
1st Reading: Exodus 32:7–14[Offsite Link]
Gospel: Luke 15:1–10[Offsite Link]

9/18/2016 What does Jesus say about people who are spiritually unaware and what did Jesus do to make sure everyone knows the heart of God?
1st Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:18–25[Offsite Link]
Gospel: John 14:1–11[Offsite Link]

9/25/2016 How does a person receive faith? Paul, who wrote the book of Romans, tells us how faith in God is transmitted to others, including children. Is this always 100% successful? Come and find out!
1st Reading: Romans 10:8–17[Offsite Link]
Gospel: John 3:1–9[Offsite Link]

10/2/2016 How did Jesus help people follow him? What kind of commitment does Jesus ask for when people are curious about God? Jesus shows us how to help others from sitting in the stands to getting in the game.
1st Reading: Philippians 3:4–11[Offsite Link]
Gospel: John 1:43–51[Offsite Link]

10/9/2016 What is good news to you? Depends on your situation! We will look at a story in the Old Testament to see what we should do with good news when it comes our way. If you receive good news of any kind, you can’t help but share it!
1st Reading: 2 Kings 7:3–9[Offsite Link]
Gospel: Luke 8:26–39[Offsite Link]