Bethel Young Adults — Upcoming Events & News

March 2017

Hi, everyone!

We hope all is well with you and your Lenten journey is a reflective one. As you journey through these days until Easter, we would love for you to ponder and answer this question: what would you like to see or have happen for the Bethel Young Adult group over the next year or several years? As some of you know, this group started a little over a year ago. Together we have met for fellowship with our monthly lunches and even had a series of Bible studies. We hope to continue to grow these things, but we would love to know what else we can do—and the best way for us to grow is to have a conversation of what’s next. When you have an answer to this question, please send us an email or even let us know at church.

Below are a couple of things we wanted to let you all know about. Please add these to your calendar, and we hope you can join us for these events.

Young Adults Lunches

Join the Bethel community in worship at 10:45am and then come for lunch afterwards with fellow young adults. The scheduled lunches are:

Upcoming Out ’n About Event

Joel will be hosting next month’s Out ’n About event in April. To show our support for one another as young adults, we hope that you’ll consider attending this fun event in San Francisco. This event will be at the Golden Gate Park on Saturday, April 22, and you will have a chance to participate on a Segway tour, visit the DeYoung Museum, or explore the city. More information will be coming out from church, so please check the website or the bulletin further details.

New Young Adult Email Address

It has been brought to our attention that email address we have does not actually work! We’ve set up a new one Please add this to your email addresses, and feel free to email us with any questions (emails will be forwarded on to Courtney and Joel).

Young Adult Calendar

I’ve also set up a Google Calendar for our events. If you’d like to be added to the calendar list so you can see the events, let us know and we will add you!

Many thanks for your participation in this group. Feel free to invite people who you know who would like to be a part of this community. We hope you’re all doing well and we are looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming Young Adults event.

Courtney & Joel Heimbuck